Trialing our gateways just got better with our new FATBOX Returns Program

Our focus is on getting you the best fit for you project. The FATBOX Returns Program lets you test out any of our gateways for your application, and return it within 30 days, without any restocking fees* if it does not fully fit your project requirements.

* typically up to 30% of cost of product.

"What do I need to do?"

  • The program is applied automatically for all purchases of test samples from July 2018.​

  • The 30 day test period is based on our tracked receipt of the product.

  • Please ensure you have read & understood our Key Terms & Conditions when making your claim.

  • Ensure you register your returns before sending back your test sample. Register your return via email here.

Key Terms & Conditions

  • This program is applicable only for products purchased for the purpose of testing.

  • The 100% money back returns will fully cover what you paid for your product if it is not a good fit your application. However it does not cover the shipping cost to return the tested unit.

  • We accept the returns only when there is no physical damage/ unlicensed modifications/ damage due to user negligence/ product has not been used in improper operating conditions outside the defined specifications in the data sheet.

Did you know: We also offer physical customisation on the stable FATBOX G3 Platform? Find out more.  

"What if 30 days is not enough for testing?"

  • Not a problem, we just need you to provide us some indication of the testing period required for your project.

  • If you will like to extend your testing period beyond 30 days,  just write to us here.