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Physically Custom the G3

The FATBOX G3 platform is a best-in-breed for versatility. But if there are a few added tweaks you need, here's how you can get it done.

Why the G3

Why customise on the G3?

  • You are building on an already stable platform. If you have ever done physical gateway developments, you know that getting a product that stands up to the tests in the real world is not a straight forward process. By building on top of the proven robust FATBOX G3 platform, you have already dealt with many of the unpredictable elements that can arise. Our experienced team will also be there to help you avoid the development pitfalls.

  • Quick Time-to-Market. With our customs program, you are working from an already stable FATBOX G3 platform. Without starting from scratch, you can benefit from the quicker development times for your project.

  • We take care of production issues for you. We take care of complex & time consuming production issues such as mitigating component costs, compatibility & end-of-life issues and other possible pitfalls in developing a gateway.

Beneficial when

When is it beneficial (or not beneficial) to customise?

Customising the G3 platform is beneficial...

  • If you are looking for backhaul using a cellular (LTE/4G/3G) solution. The G3 chassis is made for the high throughput and power requirements of the mature and prevalent cellular platform. 

  • If it is a Medium-to-Large deployment. Our custom projects carry a minimum order of 100 units.

  • For projects with short turn around times.

  • If you need a gateway for critical applications.

  • If the G3 already looks like a good fit, but some slight modifications will make it perfect. Examples of possible profitable modifications include:

    • Adding an additional port (i.e. an extra Ethernet port is required)

    • Adding an additional industrial protocol (i.e. Bluetooth 5)

    • Adding memory space

    • Customising an enclosure

    • Removing a feature (i.e. remove GPS)

Customising on the G3 platform is not beneficial...

  • If you are looking for a LPWAN solution (i.e. LORA, LTE-M, NB-IOT)

  • Small orders less than 100 units.

  • Large reductions to the size of the unit (more than 10%) that will require a change in PCB design.

Costs involved custom

What are the costs involved?

Cost involved with a custom project include:

  • A one-time engineering fee.

  • Possible additions to the price of the product due to extra component costs.

How to start

How do I start the process of customising?

It's simple. Just speak to our sales team and they will take you through the process. Contact us here.

Have you heard of our 30-day Returns Policy for Product Testing? Find out more here.

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