Gateway Edge Computing :: Pre-processing Sensor data before transmitting to cloud

For firmware version 2.4.18 and later, we have integrated Ubidots client into our FATBOX G3, which enables our users to quickly deploy a seamless hardware to cloud equipment monitoring and analytics solution.

In many situations, we may want to pre-process the incoming sensor data, e.g. to filter out errornous data, compute averages or just maybe simply drop non-changing data to reduce bandwidth use. Also, we may want to do some critical response locally e.g. to switch ON a pump if water level sensor indicates overflow.

Run Your Own Data Manipulation Script


We use Python 2.x (as of 2.4.18) and user can easily code their own data manipulation scripts in the code block below.


File ... /scripts/ (Python 2.x)

#START :: Pre PROCESS sensor JSON data e.g. compute average, drop repeat values #json_field, Key for the data
#json_value, Value (in text) for the data
#json_timestamp, Timstamp in UTC Epoch (seconds)

#Sample USER codes
#END :: Pre PROCESS USER codes

Example: Dropping Duplicate Sensor Data

An example, we want to drop all duplicated temperature values and only send when a change of temperature data is received. 

#Var for Pre Processing old_temperature = 0

#main service loop
#OPTION Pre PROCESS the sensor JSON data e.g. compute average, drop repeat values #
#Sample USER codes
#OPTION DEFAULT post data to cloud provider Ubidots

if old_temperature!=int(json_value) : send_ubidots(json_field,json_value,json_timestamp) old_temperature = int(json_value)



Cellular 4G/3G


With CAN Bus

Weather Resistant

  • Integrated device server for scheduled poll and read from attached equipment

  • Multi-port support - RS-232/RS-485 (e.g. MODBUS), Ethernet, CAN Bus and USB (for Zigbee/BLE/WIFI transceiver)

  • Integrated MQTT Client to connect to cloud services 

  • Azure IoT Hub client to integrate with your Azure cloud resources  

  • Ubidots IoT Client for integration with Ubidots Platform

  • User scripts supported for cross compile of C-program/ custom Python, LUA scripting 

  • 2GB of on-board storage 

  • Parse Time Series Data for analytical applications

  • SNMPv2 for management

  • Persistent LTE and 3G data connection with network watch-dog

  • Dual SIM & WAN-to-3G failover redundancies

  • Wide power supply 5~30VDC (12/24V) ensures stability of operation

  • Industrial temperature -40C to 75C and robust aluminium enclosure 

  • Weather resistant enclosure for wet or corrosive environments


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