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View our custom set up monitoring and managing energy usage & temperature in a HVAC facility in Singapore LIVE using the Simple-Yet-Flexible UBIDOTS Cloud Platform.

Our Set Up Explained:

The task is to monitor and manage a small HVAC room in highly humid Singapore. 

Modbus temperature sensor data is collected by the FATBOX G3 IoT Gateway and sent via WAN for our Ubidots dashboard report that you can view.

Script 1:

A python script running on the G3 automatically switches on a fan that's installed in the room whenever the temperature is between the range of 35 to 37 Degree Celsius.

Whenever the fan is on, the G3 will also turn on a light bulb. This can be seen on the IP camera feed in the dashboard so that even in low light situations the state of the fan can be verified.

Script 2:

Cloud users can also override this command with a control panel on the Ubidots dashboard.

Learn more about our feedback and control scripting here.

Energy Consumption (*New):

The energy consumption of the fan is also monitored on the Ubidots dashboard using a Schneider meter. You can also view our Schneider meter connection tutorial here.

Lime Demo Upgrade - meter fan.jpg


*Do note that the dashboard may be temporarily unavailable from time to time due to maintenance works.

We recommend viewing on Firefox or Safari browser.

Get Access To See Our Live Ubidots Dashboard

View Our Live Demo

Cloud monitoring & management of a site (a HVAC facility in Singapore)

Lime Demo Upgrade - meter fan.jpg
Lime Demo Upgrade - meter fan.jpg

The same concept, seen using the Ubidots dashboard slider.

This concept is also further played out in our HVAC facility live demo. In that example demo users can access our Ubidots cloud dashboard and override the control systems to switch on/off the fan from the dashboard.

Various other applications of the same logic can be to control devices like PLCs, motor inverters or EV chargers to

  • helping manage crop conditions in agriculture & urban farming

  • to control energy usage in buildings

  • design for critical intervention to prevent damage to goods, infrastructure or threats to health & safety

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