The FATBOX G3 HSPA+ Gateway and Router allows remote monitoring or data collection for equipment with Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP and serial RS485/232 connection back to a command center or cloud service. The cellular router can be easily configured to relay any data received at its serial port to a data-collecting server with internet connection (static IP or with DYNDNS assigned name) over a 3G HSPA+ cellular network. For outdoor or corrosive environments a weather resistant enclosure is available.

In this example, a few remotely installed temperature sensors are connected via RS485 to the serial port of a FATBOX G3. A monitoring application software at a customer central site computer periodically connects to the FATBOX's TCP server via its cellular IP address or hostname (if assigned via a dynamic DNS service like DYNDNS service like When the TCP connection is established, the monitoring software can query the remote device for required data at the specific serial temperature sensor.


The FATBOX G3 is an open Linux platform where user can deploy their own portable codes e.g. in C program or Python or LUA to run on an industrial cellular (3G or 4G/LTE) and ethernet WAN connected gateway device. This will allow user to write codes to read Modbus, CANbus, RS232, RS485 serial data, ZigBee, BLE and other inputs – and process the data onboard or send it straight to their central server.

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