The FATBOX G3 Series

Intelligent IIoT Gateways for Modbus RTU/TCP, Serial & CAN Bus Devices

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Azure IoT Hub
Bring device data to Azure IoT Hub & Services
Bring device data to AWS IoT & Services
Ubidots Cloud Platform
Manage device data directly on Ubidots IOT Dashboard
MQTT Gateway
Take device data to a designated MQTT broker for various cloud services
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The option to deploy as an Asset or Service


Test an IIOT application from a Modbus device using our Azure or Ubidots Starter kit.


Learn more about leasing the G3 IIOT Gateway + data (with no lock in contracts) for your deployments

News & Updates


NEW:: The FATBOX G3 IoT Gateway is now available for both Purchase or Leasing with monthly data plans.

Our Ubidots Industrial IoT End-to-End client solution for industrial equipment end users launched at IOT Tech Expo Global 2019, booth 473, APRIL 25-26, LONDON.

25-26 APRIL 2019:: Modbus/CANBus/ZigBee to Azure & AWS IoT
featured at IOT Tech Expo Global 2019, booth 473, LONDON.

RELEASES:: ​AZURE IoT Hub QUICKSTART GUIDE (for MAC), now available for download here.

18-19 APRIL 2018:: Modbus/Zigbee/CANBus to Azure & AWS IoT featured at IOT Tech Expo Global 2018, APRIL 18-19, LONDON.

11 SEPTEMBER 2017:: Our Modbus/Zigbee to Azure IoT Industrial Starter Kit was featured at the ELECTRIC, POWER AND RENEWABLE ENERGY INDONESIA 2017 SHOW, in Jakarta from the 6-9 of September. 

11 AUGUST 2017:: Our Modbus/Zigbee to Azure IoT Industrial Starter Kit was featured at IOT Business Asia, August 7-8 in JAKARTA.

2 AUGUST 2017:: Our Modbus/Zigbee to Azure IoT Industrial Starter Kit was featured at IOT Business Asia, July 27-28 in MALAYSIA. 


18 JUNE 2017:: The FATBOX G3 Azure IoT Gateway Starter Kit is now listed on Microsoft Azure's IoT Device Catalog.  

5 JUNE 2017:: Our Modbus to Azure IoT Industrial Starter Kit was featured at IoT Tech Expo Europe 2017, June 1-2 in BERLIN. 

29 MAY 2017:: Our Modbus to Azure IoT Industrial Starter Kit was featured at CommunicAsia 2017, May 23-25th in SINGAPORE. 

LATEST::  Our new Python API User Manual and updated LUA API User Manual is now available for download.

IOT PLATFORMS:: Partnering with Ubidots IoT to create an End-to-End IOT solution for management of Modbus and TCP/IP & CANBus field equipment with flexible deployment options and granular cost management.  

PRODUCT:: The FATBOX G3w is a cost effective WAN gateway that connects Industrial devices (Modbus, Serial, CANBus, ZigBee and Ethernet protocols) using existing ADSL or Fiber connectivity. Now available for orders.

PRODUCT:: The FATBOX G3 weather resistant gateway for industrial connectivity in wet or corrosive environments (Modbus, Serial, CANBus protocols). Now available for orders.

WHITE PAPER::  Use the FATBOX G3 to manage remote device data on AWS via mosquitto MQTT

DYNAMIC DNS::  New options for different Dynamic DNS service providers now available with the G3 platform. 

SOLUTIONS::  See our FATBOX G3 Zigbee solution to connect a mesh network to WAN or cloud.

CANBUS::  Our FATBOX with CANbus Connector is now available for ordering online. The FATBOX G3 with CAN2.0A/B allows on-board diagnostics (running the ODB-II Standard) to be authenticated and securely sent or received to a cloud IOT platform like Azure IOT or AWS IOT. 

REDUNDANCY:: Ethernet WAN to 3G failover creates a robust connectivity for your networks. The FATBOX G3 automatically switch to a 3G connection when AUTOPING sequence fails in the Ethernet WAN connection.

IOT PLATFORMS:: Azure IoT Hub client gateway for secure monitoring and management of Modbus and TCP/IP field equipment to Microsoft Azure  cloud. From your devices to Power BI in a few easy steps.  


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