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Industrial Monitoring. Engineered.

Making intelligent industrial network architectures better

By moving certain workloads to the edge of the network, devices spend less time communicating with the server or cloud, react more quickly to local changes, and operate reliably even in extended offline periods.

nodeG5 edge CAN Bus MQTT gateway.png

Core Design Features

Collect different industrial data into a SQL database buffer. 

Retrieve field data from devices operating a variety of industrial protocols via programmed polling sequences or REST API (HTTP GET). From there the data is mapped to JSON format & stored in an on-board 32GB eMMC flash memory SQL database which users have unrestricted access to for custom Python scripting or Docker applications.

nodeG5 data collect.png

Learn about our Edge Processing

Industrial IoT Gateways

Image by Shay
Collect Industrial Data

Read CAN Bus J1939/OBD2, Modbus TCP/RTU, OPC UA data from Serial RS-485, WiFi & Bluetooth BLE.
Real-Time GPS (LTE)

Data Cloud_edited.png
Secure Sending

Integrated AWS IoT Core,

Azure IoT Hub & Central,

Ubidots & MQTT Publisher.

Edge Compute/Process

Run Python scripts, Docker containers & TensorFlow on a Linux Debian 11 OS gateway device.

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