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At Amplified our way of delivering on solutions is simple. Our love is for making smarter gateways and routers that keep in mind how real-world conditions adapt for the developer or engineer.


Over time, working with our customers we honed our skills and expertise to focus on what really matters to users - network connection stability and uptime in order to securely access valuable timely data or to remotely control remote equipment. 


  • bespoke electronics design and manufacturing (we assemble our boards in the U.S.A.)

  • careful integration of stable firmware modules for long term operating stability

  • focus on active monitoring and corrective action to maintain network connectivty

  • integration of features that are users need to deploy their M2M and IOT solutions efficiently


Talk to us. We are an agile team and always looking to deliver the optimum solutions to our customers.


Our team boasts a rich pool of experience stemming from industrial applications of smart remote and mobile data networking solutions in transport, utilities, telecoms, payment and security.


Being a hands-on team is highly influential in our designs. In producing our own hardware and software we put in the knowledge of how real-world engineers meet the challenges of technological change and compatibility, as well as costs and integration.


We are proud to provide our offering of high quality yet affordable gateways and routers that deliver intuitive, reliable industrial communication.

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NEW:: The FATBOX G3 IoT Gateway is now available for both Purchase or Leasing with monthly data plans.

Our Ubidots Industrial IoT End-to-End client solution for industrial equipment end users launched at IOT Tech Expo Global 2019, booth 473, APRIL 25-26, LONDON.

25-26 APRIL 2019:: Modbus/CANBus/ZigBee to Azure & AWS IoT featured at IOT Tech Expo Global 2019, booth 473, LONDON.

RELEASES:: ​AZURE IoT Hub QUICKSTART GUIDE (for MAC), now available for download here.

18-19 APRIL 2018:: Modbus/Zigbee/CANBus to Azure & AWS IoT featured at IOT Tech Expo Global 2018, APRIL 18-19, LONDON.

11 SEPTEMBER 2017:: Our Modbus/Zigbee to Azure IoT Industrial Starter Kit was featured at the ELECTRIC, POWER AND RENEWABLE ENERGY INDONESIA 2017 SHOW, in Jakarta from the 6-9 of September. 

11 AUGUST 2017:: Our Modbus/Zigbee to Azure IoT Industrial Starter Kit was featured at IOT Business Asia, August 7-8 in JAKARTA.

2 AUGUST 2017:: Our Modbus/Zigbee to Azure IoT Industrial Starter Kit was featured at IOT Business Asia, July 27-28 in MALAYSIA. 


18 JUNE 2017:: The FATBOX G3 Azure IoT Gateway Starter Kit is now listed on Microsoft Azure's IoT Device Catalog.  

5 JUNE 2017:: Our Modbus to Azure IoT Industrial Starter Kit was featured at IoT Tech Expo Europe 2017, June 1-2 in BERLIN. 

29 MAY 2017:: Our Modbus to Azure IoT Industrial Starter Kit was featured at CommunicAsia 2017, May 23-25th in SINGAPORE. 

LATEST:: Support for CAN Bus J1939 is now available. Download our configuration guide here.

IOT PLATFORMS:: AWS IoT client integrated for secure monitoring and management of Modbus RTU/TCP and CAN Bus field equipment.

SOLUTIONS::  Removing duplicate data sending is a good way to reduce sending and storage cost. See our integrated feature on the FATBOX G3 to do just that here.

API:: Our new Python API User Manual and updated LUA API User Manual is now available for download.

IOT PLATFORMS:: Partnering with Ubidots IoT to create an End-to-End IOT solution for management of Modbus and TCP/IP & CANBus field equipment with flexible deployment options and granular cost management.  

PRODUCT:: The FATBOX G3w is a cost effective WAN gateway that connects Industrial devices (Modbus, Serial, CANBus, ZigBee and Ethernet protocols) using existing ADSL or Fiber connectivity. Now available for orders.

CONDITIONS:: The FATBOX G3 weather resistant gateway for industrial connectivity in wet or corrosive environments (Modbus, Serial, CANBus protocols). Now available for orders.

DYNAMIC DNS::  New options for different Dynamic DNS service providers now available with the G3 platform. 

REDUNDANCY:: Ethernet WAN to 3G failover creates a robust connectivity for your networks. The FATBOX G3 automatically switch to a 3G connection when AUTOPING sequence fails in the Ethernet WAN connection.

IOT PLATFORMS:: Azure IoT Hub client gateway for secure monitoring and management of Modbus and TCP/IP field equipment to Microsoft Azure  cloud. From your devices to Power BI in a few easy steps.  

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