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At Amplified our way of delivering on solutions is simple. Our love is for making smarter gateways and routers that keep in mind how real-world conditions adapt for the developer or engineer.


Over time, working with our customers we honed our skills and expertise to focus on what really matters to users - network connection stability and uptime in order to securely access valuable timely data or to remotely control remote equipment. 


  • bespoke electronics design and manufacturing (we assemble our boards in the U.S.A.)

  • careful integration of stable firmware modules for long term operating stability

  • focus on active monitoring and corrective action to maintain network connectivty

  • integration of features that are users need to deploy their M2M and IOT solutions efficiently


Talk to us. We are an agile team and always looking to deliver the optimum solutions to our customers.


Our team boasts a rich pool of experience stemming from industrial applications of smart remote and mobile data networking solutions in transport, utilities, telecoms, payment and security.


Being a hands-on team is highly influential in our designs. In producing our own hardware and software we put in the knowledge of how real-world engineers meet the challenges of technological change and compatibility, as well as costs and integration.


We are proud to provide our offering of high quality yet affordable gateways and routers that deliver intuitive, reliable industrial communication.

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Launch of the nodeG5 IoT Gateway at ITAP 2022 in Singapore

REAL TIME REPORTING:: With the nodeG5 gateway you have the flexibility to distinguish between data that requires high integrity or instant status reports that do not need data stores.

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