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Smart Meter IoT Starter Kit


The kit is self-contained and designed to allow engineers and application developers to quickly test and start deploy energy monitoring and management solutions. It comes complete with a Modbus connected energy meter and various WAN connectivity options. Integrated with web configurable cloud connectivity to AWS IoT, Azure IoT and Ubidots. Other 3rd party IoT platform Linux APIs be user installed manually as required.   

Included in the Smart Meter IoT Starter Kit are,   

  • 1 x FATBOX G3 gateway, an industrial Linux gateway with Modbus RTU/TCP interface. CAN bus connection is an option on ordering. You can choose from 3G, 4G LTE or Ethernet only gateway, with WIFI 801.11 bgn 2.4GHz option. 

  • 1 x RS Pro kWh Meter 45A 1-phase 230-110VAC power meter with Modbus RTU

  • Digital and Analog modules can be added to your kit during purchase

  • 230/110VAC power adaptor for gateway

  • WCDMA GSM whip magnetic mount antenna with 2m wire (for cellular versions)

We have a tutorial on how on how to setup and configure the meter and gateway to work with an IoT Cloud Platform. The tutorial example uses AWS IoT but we have tutorials on connecting to Azure IoT and also Ubidots available online.


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The FATBOX G3 Modbus to Cloud Solution was recently featured in

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