Cloud to device applications

Enable bi-directional communications between your cloud solution on services such as Azure, AWS or Ubidots, and Modbus or CAN Bus devices over 4G/3G/Ethernet WAN.

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Our example here portrays how a message string from Azure (Powershell) can be received by the FATBOX G3 IoT Gateway and in turn get written to our Modbus device.

The same concept, seen using the Ubidots dashboard slider.

This concept is also further played out in our HVAC facility live demo. In that example demo users can access our Ubidots cloud dashboard and override the control systems to switch on/off the fan from the dashboard.

Lime Demo Upgrade - meter fan.jpg

Various other applications of the same logic can be to control devices like PLCs, motor inverters or EV chargers to

  • helping manage crop conditions in agriculture & urban farming

  • to control energy usage in buildings

  • design for critical intervention to prevent damage to goods, infrastructure or threats to health & safety

See our detailed set up tutorials on the following cloud platforms

Understand more about the FATBOX G3 Edge IoT Gateway

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