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Data Handling Scripts

Integrated & custom data processing features

Both the nodeG5 & FATBOX G3 gateways allows for the integration of your own software or scripts to run with your connected devices & process the data you pull from it.


Example Application: Using edge data processing to reduce the sending cost, storage cost & to streamline cloud processing resources via removing duplicate data.

G3 Cost Controls.jpg
Screen Shot 2023-08-14 at 4.01_edited.png

nodeG5 Implementation Features


Instead of having a generic poll cycle, customise your data polling to the specific device


Remove data duplicates from the send queue using our web configurations menu


Develop your own custom scripts for how to process data locally on the gateway

Engineer's Notes

  • Using our integrated data pre-processing feature

    • Login to the nodeG5 Web Configurations Menu -> IoT Hardware. 

    • Under <Event Drop Type>, select 'Repeated Values'

    • Click on the <UPDATE> button to reboot the gateway and save your changes

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