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Industrial Modbus | CAN Bus monitoring edge IIoT Gateway
with high powered WiFi Antenna

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Data Collection
For Modbus RTU,
Modbus TCP,
CAN Bus J1939 &
CAN Bus ISO-15765-4 (OBD2)
Device data collection
Cloud Management
Integrated Azure, AWS, MQTT & Ubidots Cloud Clients, parses data collected to JSON message strings
Optimal Signal
Reliable signal backhaul with external WiFi Antennas (high transmission power up to 600mW) that can extend 100m from the gateway & field devices.
Smart Features
- Install your own Linux software/ programs
- Support for Python (Ver. 3.6.5)
- Deploy Cloud-to-Device management
- OTA Firmware updates

And more...

Reliable data transmission improves the overall effectiveness of your management system. The FATBOX G3 with external high powered WiFi antenna increases the reliability of data flows for widespread complexes/ areas with multiple monitoring sites.

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In The Set

Customisable Edge Modbus | CAN Bus IIoT Gateway

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Dual Band High Powered WiFi Antenna & POE

Screen Shot 2022-06-23 at 11.20.16 am.png

Peripheral & Accessories

24VDC Power Supplies | Standard 1 meter Ethernet CAT5 Cables | POE adapter

Screen Shot 2022-06-23 at 11.20.21 am.png
Screen Shot 2022-06-23 at 11.33.41 am.png

FATBOX G3W with WiFi Antenna


base model (before qty discounts): 
AUD 470 | USD 380


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